Gold Coast Airport Pickup Procedure

The pickup procedure for Gold Coast Airport has changed and is now as follows:

You will now be meeting the customers in the limousine/Short Stay carpark area. When waiting for a passenger to arrive on a flight we recommend you wait in the carpark by the Hope Service Station.

Step 1

Open the confirmation and under the heading “Send Passenger Pickup Messages” you will see 2 buttons click on the first button labelled “Introduction Message” this will automatically load in your phone as a SMS message for you to send the passenger and will read something like this:

Click to send this message to the passenger. As you can tell it notifies the passenger to wait between carousel 1 and Budget Car Rentals in the Domestic Terminal and to text you when they are there and ready to go.

Here is an example of the message:

Step 2

Once they notify you that they are at the pickup area send the second message by clicking on the button labelled “Ready to go Message”. This advises them to leave the terminal and make their way to the collection point. It also tells them the vehicle you are in, the colour and the vehicle registration plate.

Here is an example of the message:

Step 3

Step 3

Drive down towards the airport. On the right hand side there are several entrances to the carpark. You want the last entrance before going around the corner to the terminal. It will be signed as “Short Term & Car Rental Return". To the left is for car rental returns and to the right is where you need to go. Stay to the right and take a ticket from the machine. To the left you will see a series of car parks that are under cover and market as "Limousine Parking". This is where you need to park. Try to go to the furthest car park to minimise the passengers walking distance. By the time you get there the passengers should be waiting at this collection point for you.

Once you have collected the passengers follow the road down, turn left then right to exit the paystation gates. Only exit via the 3 exits to the right. 9 out of 10 times the cameras will read you licence plate and open the gates automatically. If not insert your ticket to open the gates.

If you are still unsure watch the below video:

Additional notes:

If you enter this area and exit within 10 minutes there is no charge. Hence why you only enter the carpark once you know that the passengers are on their way to the collection point.

In the event that the customer mucks around and you get charged on the way out because your time exceed 10 minutes get a receipt, take a photo of it and text it through to me and we will arrange to reimburse you. Do not say anything to the customer if this happens it is for us to deal with.